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Metal Surface Finishing

Water Treatment


Electro Deposition Coating

Metal Surface Finishing

1.1 Cleaners

We provide competitive and best result of cleaners for wide range of substrates (Aluminum, Zinc Die Cast, Steel, Plastic)

1.2 Protective

PT Solve Kemika Indonesia is the appointed distributor of Coventya, one of the market leader in the Protective Industry. We provide Cyanide Free Alkaline Zinc, Acid Zinc, Tin Zinc, Alkaline Zinc Nickel, Acid Zinc Nickel, Hexavalent Free Passivates and Top Coat. Our Protective systems are specified by many of World’s Largest Automotive, Railway, Construction, Electronics, Machinery and Aerospace applicators.

1.3 Electroless Nickel

PT Solve Kemika Indonesia is the appointed distributor of Coventya, one of the market leader in the Electroless Nickel Industry. We provide Low Phosphorous Electroless Nickel, Middle Phosphorous Electroless Nickel & High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel. Coventya Electroless Nickel Systems are specified by World’s Largest Hard Disk Drive/ Computer Storage applicators such as Western Digital.

1.4 Precious Metals

PT Solve Kemika Indonesia is the appointed distributor of Coventya, one of the market leader in the Precious Metals Industry. We provide Gold, Silver, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium & Platinum Systems. Coventya works with highly branded Companies and Industry icons such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada.

1.5 Lubricants

Microgleit of Coventya is a globally renown Lubricants brand. Consists of Solid Film Lubricants, Dry Film Lubricants, Lubrication Pastes & Greases and Dry Corrosion Protection.

1.6 Aluminium

COVENTYA ALUMAL brand encompasses a full range of Aluminium surface preparation products and technologies for Cleaning, Etching, Brightening, Acid Deoxidizing, Anodizing, Trivalent Chrome Conversion Coating, Chrome Free Conversion Coating, Electro Colouring, Dye Colour and Sealing.

1.7 Plating on Plastic

COVENTYA’S SILKEN Conventional Process line for POP provides all important characteristics such as high throughput and yield, excellent process stability and balanced with efficient cost performance of the entire process. With a global emphasis on environmental responsibility, COVENTYA’s newest innovation and environmental focused process is chrome free etching technology called SILKEN BOND. The SILKEN BOND process is developed and targeting for the need of the next generation POP system providing a complete chrome-free plastic pre-treatment system for applicators and the Industry.

Water Treatment

PT Solve Kemika Indonesia is a formulator of Water Treatment Products. Our biggest market share is in the Palm Oil Plantation, with more than 80 accounts. Best selling products are for Cooling Tower and Bolier.


PT Solve Kemika Indonesia provides wide range of Surfactants. Most of our customers are in the Home and Personal Care Industry.

Electro Deposition Coating

PT Solve Kemika Indonesia provides a robust Electro Deposition Coating/ Painting systems with an exquisite outcome. Best performance of EDP process can be achieved with Ultra Filtration system and high quality result also can be obtained with our process even without UF system.